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Albums by this artist:

The Dragon's Breath
Cailleach's Whisper
The Festival
Heart Of Spring
Behind Walls Of Stone
Yearning Hearts
The Turning Of The Year
Light Of The Water
Valley In The Clouds
Road To The Faire
Equos Fair
Angels In The Snow
Ancient Legend
Wind In The Trees
The Boats
Night Wind
Call Of The Sea
The Temple Of Vaal
A Special Place
Children Of The Sun
Desert Crossing
The Temple Of Poseidon
The Dream Of The Gods
Under The Canopy
In The Ancient Time
Stepping Stars
The Ancient Road
Continue To Be
May It Be (Celtic Sanctuary )
Temple Of The Pharoah
Another Star In The Sky
Jewel Of The Sea
Across The Great Oceans
Voices Of The Anasazi
City In The Clouds
Galadriel's Mirror
The Magic Forest
Soft Sand
Tower Of Light
Himalayan Caravan
Pig and Whistle
Roof of the World
The Wolf Hunt
A Thousand Small Gold Bells
Lion's Pride