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You Never Even Called Me By My Name
The Ride
Longhaired Redneck
If That Ain't Country
Tennessee Whiskey
Willie, Waylon And Me
Take This Job And Shove It
Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat
Jack Daniel's, If You Please
She Used To Love Me A Lot
Long Haired Redneck
Please Come To Boston
Son Of The South
Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior
Jody Like A Melody
A Sad Country Song
Jack Daniels If You Please
Just To Prove My Love For You
I Still Sing the Old Songs
Divers Do It Deeper
This Bottle (In My Hand)
Lately I've Been Thinking Too Much Lately
Cocaine Carolina
Cheap Thrills
Family Reunion
Pledging My Love
If This Is Just A Game
Hank Williams Junior-Junior
Stand By Your Man
Nigger Fucker
(If I Could Climb) The Walls Of The Bottle
I'm Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio
Don't Bite the Dick
Would You Be My Lady
The Ghost Of Hank Williams
Don't Cry Darlin' (Recitation By George Jones)
The Fish Aren't Bitin' Today
Pussy Whipped Again
Living on the Run
Cum stains on the pillow
Fuckin' In The Butt
X's And O's (Kisses And Hugs)
Face To Face
Drink My Wife Away
Ride 'Em Cowboy
Jack Daniels, If You Please