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Albums by this artist:

Knights Of The Island Counter
All I Want for Christmas
Sam's Song
It Ain't Me Babe
Vatican Roulette
Morris County Blues
This Is 2005
For The Sake Of Remembering
Wait for it
Think Big
Read between the lines
Knights Of The Island Counter 128
The ties that bind
Thinking Of You
Sams Song pt. II
Better Man
Future Focused
Do You Believe
Role Player
Cut Me Loose
Give Me Something
Same Sad Song
Know It All
Anthony's Song
Knights of the Island Counter (acoustic)
I Wonder If We Can Just Be Friends?
Fake It
Last Love Song
Track 01
Hangin Around
17 Years
Changing of the Guard
Sam's Song Part II
Knights Of The Island Counter (Demo)
Kinghts Of The Island Counter
Sam's Song Pt. II
Swim (feat. Dave Melillo)
Drive (Incubus Cover)
David Melillo - Excuses
The Devil You Know
Thinking of You (Acoustic)
Make Up Song
Date Rape
Blood (Captain Midnite Remix)