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Albums by this artist:

Death Of A Clown
Who's Foolin' Who
This Man He Weeps Tonight
Wicked Annabella
Love Gets You
Imaginations Real
Creeping Jean
Susannah's Still Alive
The World Is Changing Hands
Suzannah's Still Alive
Mr. Spaceman
In You I Believe
Move Over
Eastern Eyes
Death Of A Clown (stereo)
Wicked Annabella - Live
Doing The Best For You
Fortis Green
Visionary Dreamer
Lincoln County
Where Do You Come From
I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
Love Me Till the Sun Shines
Hold My Hand
See The Beast
Little Green Amp
Susannah's Still Alive (Stereo)
Nothin' More To Lose
Livin' In The Past
Lincoln County (Stereo Single Version)
Love Me Till the Sun Shines (Stereo)
Money Maker
Fire Burning
Good Luck Charm (Stereo)
Funny Face (stereo)
Living On A Thin Line
Creeping Jean (Stereo)
Cradle to the Grave
You Really Got Me
Funny Face
Hold My Hand (Stereo)
Reveal Yourself
Mindless Child of Motherhood
Death Of A Dlown
Do You Wish To Be A Man