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Albums by this artist:

Misery's Crown
Monochromatic Stains
Lost to Apathy
Terminus (where Death Is Most Alive)
Final Resistance
The Lesser Faith
Nothing to No One
Focus Shift
The Mundane and the Magic
Blind at Heart
The New Build
Hours Passed in Exile
The Treason Wall
Punish My Heaven
Damage Done
Cathode Ray Sunshine
The Wonders at Your Feet
Inside the Particle Storm
Single Part of Two
The Endless Feed
Out of Nothing
Mind Matters
Through Smudged Lenses
One Thought
The Enemy
Senses Tied
Format C: for Cortex
My Negation
Ex Nihilo
The Gallery
Not Built to Last
Shadow in our Blood
The Fatalist
Feast of Burden
UnDo Control
Indifferent Suns
Her Silent Language
The Dividing Line