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Darkness Descends
Merciless Death
The Burning of Sodom
Hunger of the Undead
Black Prophecies
Perish in Flames
Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)
Time Does Not Heal
The Death of Innocence
Never to Rise Again
Pain's Invention, Madness
Immigrant Song
Act of Contrition
Dark Angel - Love Potion- Instrumental (127 BPM)
No One Answers
The New Priesthood
We Have Arrived
Dark Angel - Come Ca- Club Mix (128 BPM)
Dark Angel - Come Ca- Instrumental (128 BPM)
Dark Angel - Love Potion- Club Mix (127 BPM)
An Ancient Inherited Shame
The Promise of Agony
Leave Scars
Older than Time Itself
Freestyle #1
A Subtle Induction
Trauma and Catharsis
Sensory Deprivation
Falling From the Sky
No Tomorrow
Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
Creeping Death
Hell's On It's Knees
Merciless Death (Live)
Welcome to the Slaughter House
Hell's On Its Knees
Death Is Certain
Merciless Death (Live Bonus Track)
Perish In Flames / Darkness Descends (Live Bonus Track)
Cauterization - Instrumental
Perish in Flames / Darkness Descends (live)
I Don't Care About You
Cool and Humble (Untold Remix)
Worms - Instrumental
Two Faces
Move on Through