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Albums by this artist:

Mary's Prayer
The Second Summer Of Love
Second Summer of Love
A Girl I Used To Know
I Won't Be Here When You Get Home
Nothing Ever Goes To Plan
Never Gonna Be The Same
Lorraine Parade
Ruby's Golden Wedding
Broken China
Steamtrains To The Milky Way
I Can't Wait
You Remain An Angel
Five Friendly Aliens
The Ballad Of Me And Shirley Maclaine
Get Happy
I'll Be Waiting
If You Really Love Me (Let Me Go)
I Won't Forget
If Everything You Said Was True
I Was Wrong
Living To Learn
Goodbye Shanty Town
Imaginary Girl
Desert Hearts
Broken China (Live)
Charlie Boy
Mary´s Prayer
Pleasure To Pleasure
N.Y.C. Shanty
From A Boy To A Man
Mary's Prayer (1986)
If You Really Love Me (Let Me Go) (New York Mix)
Spencer Tracey
Growing Emotional
Imaginary You
Kathleen (House mix)
Aberdeen (live)
Knowing Me Knowing You (live)
thank ya
Steamtrains (To the Milky Way) (live)
Don't Know Who I Am
I Was Wrong (live)
Mary’s Prayer
Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer