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Albums by this artist:

When In Rome
Virgo Serena
Welcome To Heaven
The Sigils Of Our Name
Temple Of My Father
Made Of Words
The Dance Of Eternity
Your Wisdom Grows
A Land Of Great Beauty
The Forbidden Tower
A Land Of Ruins
Before Was Only Chaos
Heavenly Clouds
Blessed And Beloved
False God
The Guardians
All Else Is Decay
Do With It As You Will
The Temple Of The Sands
The Worlds Of My Garden Are Many
A Land Of Tombs
To Seek Salvation
Out There
Hero (vocal version)
A Worlds Apart
Welcome to Gehenna
The Fall of Gehenna (Finale)
Boss Fight Strings
Wild Life
City Relax
City Fight
Temples Fight
Mosque Fight
Medina Fight
City Inside Building
Mosque Relax
Museum Fight
Museum Tense
Final Battle - Resolution
Final Battle - Climax
Final Battle - Rising Action
Temples Lite Fight
Temples Lite Relax
Final Battle - Introduction
Museum Basement Fight
Desert Fight