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Albums by this artist:

Newport Living
There's A Class For This
The Curse Of Curves
Practice Makes Perfect
The Fourth Drink Instinct
Sweat the Battle Before the Battle Sweats You
Teasing to Please (Left Side, Strong Side)
I Put The "Metro" In Metronome
Sweet Talk 101
Finger Twist & Split
Miss Sobriety
Do What You Do
Marriage To Millions
The Lock Down Denial
Teasing to Please
Dead And Gone
The Curse Of Curves (Album Version)
Finger Twist and Split
There's A Class For This (Album Version)
Risque (Album Version)
Curse Of The Curves
Newport Living (Album Version)
Lyrical Lies (album version)
The Fourth Drink Instinct (Album Version)
Finger Twist & Split (Album Version)
Moan (Album Version)
Sweet Talk 101 (Album Version)
When I Think About Angels
Dont Hesitate to Hate
finger twist and split dem3 unfinished
Listen to this if you love me and you are bored its just me singing off the top of my head
Hipbones and MIcrophones
Dead And Gone (T.I. Cover)
I Don't Care if it's the Moon
Through to You
Hip Hop at iHop
Don't Hesitate To Hate