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Albums by this artist:

I Was the Sun (Before It Was Cool) [Novakid Theme]
Horsehead Nebula
Stellar Formation
Cygnus X1
Epsilon Indi
Large Magellanic Cloud
Hymn to the Stars
Tranquility Base
Vast, Immortal Suns
Eridanus Supervoid
On The Beach At Night
Blue Straggler
Temple of Kluex
Arctic Battle 1
Accretion Disc
Arctic Exploration 1
Constellation 1
Arctic Constellation 1
The Deep (Hylotl Theme)
Nomads (Passacaglia)
Crystal Battle 1
Gravitational Collapse
Weep Not, My Child
Desert Exploration 1
Arctic Battle 3
Crystal Exploration 1
Arctic Battle 2
Crystal Exploration 2
Arctic Exploration 2
Forest Battle 1
Desert Battle 2
Ocean Exploration 2
Desert Exploration 2
Tentacle Battle 1
Lava Exploration 2