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Albums by this artist:

Mr. Vain
Mr. Vain - Original Radio Edit
Mr Vain
Mr. Vain Recall - Radio Edit
Got to Get It
Mr. Vain Recall
Mr. Vain - Radio Edit
Crying in the Rain
Inside Out
World in Your Hands
Mr. Vain Recall (Radio Edit)
Mr. Vain (Special Radio Edit)
Mr. Vain (Vain Mix)
The Other Side of Me
Take Me Away
I Like You
Key to Your Heart
No Deeper Meaning
The Hurt
Your Love
Mother Earth
Mr. Vain (Original Radio Edit)
Serenity (Prolog)
Rocket to the Moon
Serenity (Epilog)
Mr. Vain (radio edit)
Mr Vain Recall
Der Erdbeermund
Mr. Vain (Decent mix)
Mr Vain - Recall
Your Love (Radio Edit)
Walk the Same Line
Pay No Mind
Your Love - Radio Edit
Mr. Vain (Recall)
Mr. Vain - Vain Mix
One Good Reason
Mr. Vain Recall (Headbangers)
Mr. Vain Recal (Obsession)
Got to Get It (radio mix)
Black Flowers
Crying in the Rain (Radio edit)
Walk The Same Line (Radio Edit)
The Hyped Affect
Mr. Vain - Special Radio Edit