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Albums by this artist:

The Dazzled
Crystal Stilts
Shake the Shackles
Graveyard Orbit
Through the Floor
Shattered Shine
Prismatic Room
The Sinking
Spiral Transit
Sycamore Tree
Bright Night
Verdant Gaze
The City in the Sea
Silver Sun
Converging In The Quiet
Flying into the Sun
Crippled Croon
Star Crawl
Alien Rivers
Half a Moon
Precarious Stair
Love Is A Wave
Invisible City
Bright Night Nursery
Prometheus At Large
Spirit in Front of Me
Dark Eyes
Future Folklore
Sticks and Stones
Blood Barons
Darken The Door
Radiant Door
Nature Noir
Memory Room
Still As The Night
Worlds Gone Weird
Electrons Rising
Phases Forever
Low Profile
Frost Inside the Asylum
Magnetic Moon
Through the Floor (Demo)
Death Is What We Live For
Electrons Rising (Reprise) [Bonus Track]
Sugar Baby
Delirium Tremendous
Departure - From the album Alight Of Night, Courtesy Slumberland Records