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Albums by this artist:

Cardigans and Swing Sets
A Poem By Adam Wolfson
My Love
Products of Poverty
Big Apple Big Heart
All Based on a Storyline
First One, I Love You So Much More
Anna Begins
El Dorado
Paradise (Coldplay)
Paradise [Coldplay cover]
Paradise (Coldplay Cover)
Bibles & Badges
Fragile (feat. Brad Bell)
No More San Francisco
A Letter From Janelle
Products Of Poverty (feat. Stephen Christian)
It Doesn't Have to Be That Way
With Love
Boys! Let's Raise Our Glasses! (Demo Version)
Fuck You Head. (Demo Version)
El Dorado (Demo)
Umbrellas And Elephants
Paradise (Punk Goes Pop 5)
I Like the Color Blue
Flower Duet
No More San-Francisco
El Dorado Demo
A Letter From Janelle (Acoustic)
Umbrellas and Elephants (Acoustic)
Craig Owens - Paradise
Boys! Let's Raise Our Glasses!
El Dorado.
Anna Begins (Counting Crows Cover)
Fuck You Head
Intro I
Untitled (Acoustic)
No More San Francisco (Live Recording)
First One, I Love You So Much More (Taken from the AP Acoustic Sessions)
El Dorado [Demo]
Meditation On Las Parablas Occultas
Intro II
How It Feels To Be Defeated (Acoustic)
Song from a Secret Garden
Bibles & Badges (Matt Good Remix)