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Albums by this artist:

You Know It
You & I
Moving Forward
Second Guessing Games
This Beautiful Life
Waiting for My Time to Come
Caught Me by Surprise
Learning How To Love
Keep on Keeping On
Looking for Some Light
Waiting for My Time to Come (Single Mix)
Roll With The Punches
Original Material
Cannot Do This Alone
When I Was Younger
Won't Give Up
Silhouettes (Casio Version)
Lose Control
Remembered For
Where I'm From
I Had To Grow Up
Leave What's Lost Behind
Was It Me
Where Your Father's Been
Follow Me Down
I Want It All
This Road
When the Walls Come Crashing Down (feat. Jon Foreman & Jillian Edwards)
Why Even Try
El Capitan
Runaway Pt. 1 (Love Has a Limit)
The Hope Inside
Runaway Pt. 2 (Love is a Compass)
Take It Slow
You & I - Alternate Version
Runaway Pt. 3 (The Weight)
Silhouettes (Leagues Remix)
Second Guessing Games (Casio Version)
Looking For Some Light (Live in Dallas)
Lonely (Acoustic Version) (Amazon Original)