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Albums by this artist:

I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
Beautiful World
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin
My Brilliant Feat
Looking For Jack
Going Somewhere
Wayfaring Sons
Children On Parade
Water Song
Overkill - Acoustic Version
Don't Wait Up
Circles Erratica
Overkill (acoustic)
Overkill (Acoustic Version)
Down Under
I Don't Know Why
I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
Into The Cornfields
Down Under (Acoustic)
She Keeps Me Dreaming
Storm in My Heart
Can't Take This Town
Melbourne Song
Wash It All Away
Hold on to My Hand
It's a Mistake
Down Under - Acoustic Version
Sometimes I Wish
Goodbye My Red Rose
Keep on Walking
Pure Love
Love Is Innocent
I'm Doing Fine
To Have and to Hold
Transcendental Highway
How Long Will It Last
Death Row Conversation
Down Under (Acoustic Version)
Beautiful World (Alternate Mix)
Dream On
Go Ask an Old Man
Don't Be Afraid
Freedom Calling
Be Good Johnny
If I Go
Company of Strangers