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Albums by this artist:

Linkin Park Medley (Feat. Zackary David and Brian Storm)
Riot (Feat. Lauren Babic)
Every Time We Touch (Feat. Lauren Babic)
Misery Business (Feat. Lauren Babic and Andrew Baena)
The Sound of Silence (feat. Steve Glasford)
Hello (Feat. Lauren Babic and Zackary David)
Whispers In The Dark (Feat. Steve Glasford)
I'm Blue
Time You Left Behind (feat. Eric Calderone & Bryce Goertzen)
Another Day
Livin On A Prayer (Feat. PelleK & Cole Rolland)
Animal I Have Become
Uptown Funk (Feat. Zackary David and Eric Calderone)
Zedd Medley
The Diary Of Jane
What Do You Mean (Feat. Garrett Garfield)
Pokémon Remix (Feat. Lauren Babic) [From Pokémon]
See You Again (Feat. Garrett Garfield)
Higher Floor (feat. Zackary David)
What Is Love (feat. Brian Storm)
Blank Space (feat. Dillon Conneally)
Drown (Feat. Zackary David)
Stay The Night (Feat. Lauren Babic)
Bye Bye Bye (Feat. Dillon Conneally)
The Last Night
Failure (Feat. Steve Glasford)
Famous Last Words (Feat. Dillon Conneally)
Canon Rock (Feat. Eric Calderone)
Midnight Sun
It's Gonna Be Me (Feat. Garrett Garfield)
Falling Down (feat. Erock)
Circles - Acoustic
Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement
My Heart Will Go On
Song Of Storms (Feat. Bryce Goertzen)
Wasting Away (feat. Garrett Garfield)
Pokémon Theme
Smooth Criminal
Halo Theme
Pokémon Remix (Feat. Lauren Babic) [From Pokémon]
Take Flight (Acoustic) [feat. Lauren Babic]
Für Elise