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Albums by this artist:

Life Magazine
The Great Pan Is Dead
Love Comes Close
A Little Death To Laugh
Underworld USA
Pacing Around the Church
Youth and Lust
The Laurels of Erotomania
Cebe and Me
Icons of Summer
Heaven Was Full
The Trees Grew Emotions and Died
Villains of the Moon
Hello Rats
Alchemy and You
Burning Sage
People Are Poison
Oceans With No End
God Made The World
Young Prisoner Dreams of Romance
Double Lives in Single Beds
Promised Land
Sex Ads
Theme From Tomorrowland
I've Seen the Future and It's No Place for Me
Always Someone
Night Light
Nausea, the Earth and Me
Black Boots
An Understanding
Prayer From Nowhere
Meaningful Life
First Fit
Heavenly Metals
Don't Blow up the Moon
Poison Berries
Beaten 1979
Roman Skirts
Cursed by the Cross
In a Cave
Psalm 23
Love Lets Go
Chrissie Sally
Mag Dreams