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I Drive
Rubber Head
He Had a Good Time
They Broke His Pelvis
Kick Your Teeth
See You in Four
Where's the Deluxe Version?
Wrong Floor
After the Chase
Bride of Deluxe
My Name on a Car
Skull Crushing
On the Beach
First Sleep
Will She Come Back
Don't Blow It
Can I Sit Next to You
Wear Your Seat Belt
Maybe You're My Puppet
Death Shall Have No Dominion
Is That What Everybody Wants
We Don't Have to Think Like That Anymore
Hi Energy Proton Accelerator
Wanna Fight
Neon Demon
Son of Placenta Previa
They're Calling My Flight
What Are You
Chang And Sword
Don't Forget Me When You're Famous
Only God Forgives
Messenger Walks Among Us
Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother
Jesse Sneaks into Her Room
Gold Paint Shoot
First Sleep - Original Version
Take Off Your Shoes
Are We Having a Party
Real Lolita Rides Again
Ruby at the Morgue
Placental Repair
I'm in the Pink
Finish Your Breakfast
Do As Thou Will
Chrysanthemum Complex
Take Her to Measurements
Who Wants Sour Milk