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Albums by this artist:

Only A Shadow
Corridor Of Dreams
summer in a small town
The Jangling Man
This Rainy Decade
Please Don't Step On My Rainbow
Wivenhoe Bells (II)
Time In Vain
Tukani (Monday Is Grey)
Incident In A Greatcoat
No Go (For Louis Macneice)
Midnight Cleaners
The Mercury Girl
Factory Boy
A Wretched Street
A Blue Wave
Julie Profumo
A Personal Issue
Night Starvation
Drowning Butterflies
Soul Monday
Swinging London
Gamma Ray Blue
A Holloway Person
A Girl With Cars In Her Eyes
Kool of the Night
I Can't Stop (Holding On)
ghosts in doorways
follow the plough
Renée (Who's Driving Your Car?)
Living On Nerve Ends
Don't You Worry About The Ads
Winter in the Country
marilyn on a train
Golden Age Saturday
Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me
balloon drop shadow
johnny the moondog is dead
Wivenhoe Bells II
At Home with Myself
the autumn cornfield
I Fell in Love with a Cleaner
Krugerrand Gladiators
The Trevor Rutter Experience
Don'y You Worry About the Ads
I Wanna Do That