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Albums by this artist:

Light From Darkness
Eye of the Beholder
New World Order
Darkest Hour
Hovering Over the Waters
As Wings Blot Out the Sun
Earth and Heaven
Darkest Before the Dawn
Rise of the Elect
The Archangel
Consuming Fire
Name Above All Names
The Eleventh Hour
Voice of Rushing Waters
Salvation and Flame
Healing of the Nations
Prince of Darkness 'avengers' Remix
Day of Atonement
Fire And Ice
Cry Of The Prophets
A Red Sun Rises
Throne Of Divinity
Prince of Darkness
The Sixth Day
Ocean Of Fire
Sky Becomes Water
Tears of God
Ashes (No Choir)
Light From Darkness (No Choir)
Beauty And Affliction
Exercitus Sanctus
Hour of Dissent
A Red Sun Rises (No Choir)
Gates of Pearl
Fall of the Rebellion
Fire And Ice (No Vocals)
Cry Of The Prophets (No Vocals, No Choir)
New World Order (No Vocals)
Porcelain Heart