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Albums by this artist:

Wild in the Streets
Live Fast Die Young
Beverly Hills
I Just Want Some Skank
World Up My Ass
Back Against the Wall
Red Tape
Group Sex
Don't Care
Paid Vacation
What's Your Problem
Behind the Door
Question Authority
Leave Me Alone
Stars and Stripes
When The Shit Hits The Fan
Letter Bomb
In Your Eyes
Meet the Press
86'd (Good As Gone)
Moral Majority
Coup D'Etat
Murder the Disturbed
Political Stu
Forced Labor
Just Like Me
Under The Gun
Defamation Innuendo
Parade Of The Horribles
Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Junk Mail
Bad Words
High Price On Our Heads
Making the Bombs
Red Blanket Room
Product Of My Environment
I Wanna Destroy You
Rock House
Rats Of Reality
Beat Me Senseless
Love Kills
Mrs. Jones
Killing for Jesus
The Crowd
All Wound Up
Teenage Electric