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Albums by this artist:

The Twist
Let's Twist Again
Limbo Rock
Lets Twist Again
Pony Time
Dancin' Party
The Hucklebuck
The Fly
Slow Twistin'
Let's Twist Again - Re-Recording
Let´s Twist Again
Twist It Up
Dance the Mess Around
The Twist - Re-Recording
Let's Limbo Some More
Loddy Lo
At The Discotheque
You Just Don't Know (What You Did To Me)
Twenty Miles
Hooka Tooka
The Class
Let's Twist Again (lyrics)
The Twist (1976 Version)
Popeye the Hitchhiker
Hey Bobba Needle
Let's Twist Again - Original Hit Recordings
Jingle Bell Rock
The Twist (Album Version)
Twist and Shout
The Twist - Original Hit Recordings
Twistin' U.S.A
Rock Around the Clock
Let's Do the Freddie
Let's Twist Again
Let`s Twist Again
The Twist - Rerecorded
Let's Twist Again (1976)
Twistin' Round the World
Richard Anthony Let's Twist Again
Slow Twistin
Lovely Lovely
Mary Ann Limbo
Dancin Party
Hey, Bobba Needle
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
Popeye the Hitchiker