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Albums by this artist:

Shipping News
One Kite Better
Killick-Claw Harbor
Strictly Fishwrap
Weather Rhymes
Alwyn Spires
The Gammy Bird
Deep Water Down
Dutsi Jig
Seal Flipper Pie
Death Storm
Asleep with the Angel
Dog on Fire
Bandits Suite
Ghost Rider
The Saboteur Theme
The Suite
Hellbound Heart
Rum Diary
The Lament Configuration
A Quick Death
Portrait Of Mr. Boogie
Seduction and Pursuit
Another Puzzle
Blackheart Beat
The Cenobites
The Saboteur Theme (Piano Version)
Little Wing - score
Humility And Love
Never Go in Dad’s Office
In Love's Name
A Thing for Karen Carpenter
Drag Me to Hell
Artistry in Death
The Rat Slice Quartet
The West Was Built on Legends
The Uninvited
Uncle Frank
Brought on by Night
More Sinister Than Popcorn
Cemetery Dance