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Albums by this artist:

Yellow River
San Bernadino
Iron Horse
Johnny One Time
Country Boy
Gotta Be Free
New York City
Inside Looking Out
Down The Mississippi Line
Until The Dawn
Put Your Money Down
I've Got A Feeling
Coming Home Tonight
Here I Am
If Only
Martian King
Wasn't My Fault
Man Of Many Faces
For All Mankind
Magic Highway
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Picture Painter
Peace Lovin' Man
Country B. Sam
Fools Gold
The Dealer (Down and Losin')
I'm Alive
Pleasure And Pain
Every Now And Then
San Bernardino
I Believe In You
My Baby's Gone
Yellow River - re-recording
Seribu Kali Cinta
Yellow River - Re-Recorded
Christie - Yellow River
San Bernandino
Walau Ku Jauh
Yellow River (Studio Re-Record)
Freewheelin' Man
California Sunshine
I’ve Got A Feeling
Yellow Riwer
Yellow River 1970 (High Quality)
Yellow River 
Born To Lose