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Albums by this artist:

Wicked Game
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
Blue Hotel
Somebody's Crying
Wicked Game - Remastered
Two Hearts
Blue Spanish Sky
San Francisco Days
You Owe Me Some Kind of Love
Lie To Me
Let Me Down Easy
Only the Lonely
Heart Shaped World
Can't Do a Thing (To Stop Me)
King Without a Castle
Nothing's Changed
I Want You to Want Me
Heart Full of Soul
Speak of the Devil
Graduation Day
Go Walking Down There
Wrong to Love You
Forever Blue
Life Will Go On
Solitary Man
There She Goes
Funeral In the Rain
Can't Help Falling in Love
Let's Have a Party
Don't Make Me Dream About You
Wicked Game - Remastered Album Version
Don't Leave Me on My Own
I Want Your Love
Cheater's Town
Things Go Wrong
I'm Not Waiting
Kings of the Highway
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing - Remastered
Shadows in a Mirror
Back On Your Side
I Believe
Changed Your Mind
Forever Young
Pretty Girls Don't Cry
I Wonder
Goin' Nowhere
Blue Hotel - Remastered