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Albums by this artist:

Something I Need - Chill Out Version
Stitches - Sleep Version
Animals - Sleep Version
Animals - Miami Chill Version
Something I Need - Acoustic Version
Stitches - Acoustic Version
Cool Kids - Unplugged Version
Cool Kids - Chill Out Version
Dangerous - Acoustic Version
All Of Me
Animals - Unplugged Version
I Feel It Coming - Acoustic Version
All Night - Acoustic Version
Chained To The Rythm - Sleep Version
Stitches - Chill Out Version
Dangerous - Chill Out Version
All Night - Chill Out Version
I Feel It Coming - Spa Version
Chained To The Rythm - Acoustic Version
Something I Need
I Feel It Coming - Chill Out Version
Cool Kids
Cool Kids - Magic Marimba
Dangerous - Midnight Version
Animals - Focus Version
Chained To The Rythm - Chill Mix
Stitches (Sleep Version)
Animals (Sleep Version)
Something I Need (Acoustic Version)
Animals - Acoustic Version
Cool Kids (Chill Out Version)
Stitches (Acoustic Version)
Happier - Spa Version
Dangerous (Acoustic Version)
Happier - Chill Out Version
Something I Need (Chill Out Version)
Animals (Miami Chill Version)
Stitches (Chill Out Version)
Animals (Unplugged Version)
I Don't Care - Acoustic Mix
I Don't Care - SPA Mix
O Holy Night
I Feel It Coming
Cool Kids (Unplugged Version)
Jingle Bells Chill out mix
Chained To The Rythm
Happier - Acoustic Version