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Albums by this artist:

Yesterday Man
Pretty Belinda
To Whom It Concerns
Yesterday Man*
Sugar Daddy
Yesterday Man (Album Version)
Carol OK
Stop That Girl
Christmas Time
Long Live Love
Something On My Mind
Pretty Belinda / Schlauchboot
Pretty Belinda Schlauchboot
Brown Eyes
Lady Oh Lady
Jingle Bells
Lazy Days
Message Understood
I Love Ya
Do You Wanna Love Me
Silver Lining
Michigan River
To Bad You Don't Want Me
Cliffs of Baccalieu
Hello Honey Pie
To whom it concern
Pretty Belinda
Jesterday Man
Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man
Hold On
I'll Walk To You
Pretty Belinda - Skilift
Alles Tu Ich Für Dich (Yesterday Man)
Girl Don't Come
Carole OK
Too Bad You Don't Want Me
Someone's taken Maria Away
Willie And The Hand Jive
They've All Got Their Eyes On You
It's All Coming Back To Me
Watcha Gonna Do Now
Yesterday Man(OST Рок Волна)
Write It Down
Do You Wanna Love Me?
Harbour LeCou
Carol O.K.
Seltsam Sind Die Wege Der Liebe