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Mount Kailash
New Moon
Waning Moon
Full Moon
Natrani (Queen Of Dance - First Or Root Chakra)
Hanuman in New Delhi
Gir Forest
Right Effort
Right Samadhi
Shiva's Meditation
Right Speech
Right Mindfulness
Meeting of Two Oceans
Breathing-Prana (Third Chakra Or Hara)
Relaxing on the Mountain
Waxing Moon
Goddess Evocation
Ha-Tha (Sun Meets Moon)
Right Views
Gratitude (Second Chakra)
Right Morality
Right Intention
On Sacred Ground
The Union of Sun and Moon
On Sacred Ground (Fourth Or Heart Chakra)
Lover in disguise
Right Livelihood
Listening to the River
The Watcher (Fifth Or Throat Chakra)
Sight Meditation
Purnima Namashkar (Crown Chakra Or Thousand-Petalled Lotus)
Krisna's Peacocks
Tranquil Sunset
Ha-Tha (Sun Meets Moon - Sixth Chakra Or Third Eye)
Sunrise in Deerpark
Purnima Namashkar (Homage to the Full Moon)
Heart Meditation
Cloud Forest Sanctuary
Coming Home
Natrani (Queen of the Dance)
Springing from the Mountains