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Albums by this artist:

You're Beautiful (Clean Version)
God Damn You're Beautiful
Whistle While I Work It
Who Am I To Stand In Your Way
I'm Falling For You
Tonight I Know
So Goodbye (This Time Lies Won't Explain)
Baby Come Home
Falling Slowly
If We Were Vampires
This Song
God Damn Your Beautiful
Bromance (Acoustic) (feat. Andy Lange)
Under My Breath
Why Won't You Smile
Say Something
Living the Good Life
Love is Now
Who will be our superhero
Close Your Eyes With Me
Hold On
Wrecking Ball
Tonight I Know (Remix)
Mr Brightside - Acoustic
Brown Eyed Girl - Acoustic
You're Not The One
So Goodbye
From LA to Rome
What Sarah Said
The A Team
Grow Old With You
Knowing I Love Everything You
Madness (originally by Muse)
Shake It Off
My Time Has Come (Live)
Nice Guys
All Of Me
4 Your Kisses (feat. Chester See & Victor King)
That's What I'll Be
In The End
Where Are You Now
A Life of Regrets
Dancing on My Own