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Albums by this artist:

Down Down Down
Down Down Down (Demo)
Thorns (demo)
Farmer & His Gun
All At Once
I Need A Friend Tonight
Hold On
If I Lose It
Long Road Home
Winter Hymns
Would You Love Me Any Less
Re: Stacks
Walking With The San
Ten More Days
Still Young
If I Hide, Will You Come Looking?
Another Year
Forty Thieves
Skin and Bones
Barricades of Heaven
The Farmer & His Gun
Little Hands
When We Were Lions
Dead Man Walking
Don't I Hold You
Please Let Me Go
Parachutes - Unplugged
The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea
Carry Her
She Wants To Be Me (Live (Clean Version))
She Wants To Be Me
Parachutes - Live from The Tabernacle
Parachutes (Unplugged)
Farmer & His Gun - Original Home Demo
Farmer & His Gun (Live From The Tabernacle)
Parachutes (Live from The Tabernacle)