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The Unanswered Question
Central Park in the Dark
Symphony No. 1 - I. Allegro
Symphony No 3 'the Camp Meeting' - I. Old Folks Gatherin'. Andante Maestoso
Ii. Children's Day. Allegro
Ye Christian Heralds
Iii. The Fourth Of July
The Housatonic at Stockbridge
Piano Sonata No. 2 ("Concord, Mass., 1840-1860"): III. The Alcotts
Set of 5 Take-Offs: Song Without (good) Words
Symphony No. 4 - I. Prelude. Maestoso
Study No. 9- The Anti-Abolitionist Riots In The 1830S & 1840S, For Piano
Song Without (Good) Words
The Unanswered Question (Revised Version)
Symphony No. 2: IV. Lento maestoso
The Unanswered Question (Original Version)
II. Allegro
Iv. Lento Maestoso - V. Allegro Molto Vivace
Country Band March
The Fourth of July
Overture and March '1776'
Symphony No. 2: III. Adagio cantabile
Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
A Christmas Carol
Ives : Piano Sonata No.2, 'Concord Mass., 1840-60' : III The Alcotts
robert browning overture
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2: 1. Autumn. Adagio maestoso - Allegro moderato
Ii. Adagio Molto (Sostenuto)
Symphony No. 2: I. Andante moderato
The Alcotts
Ives / Arr Echols: A Christmas Carol
Piano Sonata No. 2 "Concord, Mass., 1840-60": III. The Alcotts
Symphony No. 2: II. Allegro
II. Decoration Day
V. Allegro molto vivace
The Things Our Fathers Loved
Symphony No. 2: V. Allegro molto vivace
"The Alcotts" - Ives: Piano Sonata No. 2, "Concord. Mass., 1840-60": Third Movement,
String Quartet No. 2: III. The Call of the Mountains
Variations on America
From the Steeples and the Mountains
The Circus Band
Beulah Land (Organ Solo)
Orchestral Set No. 2: I. An elegy to our forefathers