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Void of Words
The Dreaming of the Flame
Song of the Gods
Oblivious / Obnoxious / Defiant
The Mysterious Ways...
Life Is But A Burning Being
1.000 Different Paths
The Sound of Shallow Grey
Masquerade In Red
Descend to the Tomb
Summoning Black Gods
Symbolic Realms
Lord Of All Death
Dead Spheres
...Of Repetitive Art
Evocation of the Father
The Nameless City
Exili's Heritage
Hymns of the New Land
The Loved Dead
Lord Of All Death (Between The Rim And Pegana)
Oblivious - Obnoxious - Defiant
The Mysterious Ways
Oblivious – Obnoxious – Defiant
of repetitive art
1,000 Different Paths
... Of Repetitive Art
...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye
Oblivious Obnoxious Defiant
1.000 Different Patchs
Hymns to the New Land
02 - Descend To The Tomb
03 - Dead Spheres
01 - Summoning Black Gods
04 - Evocation Of The Father
06 - Hymns To The New Land
08 - The Loved Dead
Summoning Black Gods - The Nameless City (5:38)
05 - The Nameless City
07 - Exili's Heritage
1000 Different Paths
Void of Worlds
Summoning Black Gods - Evocation Of The Father (6:18)
Summoning Black Gods - The Loved Dead (8:21)
Exili´s Heritage
Summoning Black Gods - Dead Spheres (4:20)