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Albums by this artist:

Justin Illusion - Album Edit
Count your Lucky Stars
Nordic Nights
The Running Man
Summer of 83
Larry's Theme
121 in Luv
Brassy Boogie
She Takes My Breath Away
Discokicks - Radio Edit
Love Glove
Count Your Lucky Stars (The Diogenes club remix)
Crush (Radio Edit)
More Love
Sexual Feeling
Happy Slappy
Discokicks (Radio Edit)
Little Luv - Freestyle Version
Justin Illusion - Original Mix
Little Luv
Justin Illusion
Crush - Radio Edit
Let's Do It
April Showers
Little French Girl
Justin Illusion (Original Mix)
Little Luv (Freestyle Version)
Bass Face
Count Your Lucky Stars (Remastered)
Little Luv (Radio Edit)
Love Glove - Remix
Blenheim is My Garden
Little Luv - Radio Edit
Feels Right
Life in 3D
Summer of 83 (Remastered)
Heavy Petting
Summer of 83 - Reprise
Soulboy Acid
Count Your Lucky Stars - Remastered
Little French Girl (Radio Edit)
The Running Man - Remastered
Summer of 83 (Original Mix)
Summer of 83 - Remastered
Little Luv (Four To The Floor Version)
Count Your Lucky Stars - Joeblack 'Boogie' Remix