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Albums by this artist:

The Only Living Boy In New Cross
Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
The Impossible Dream
Do Re Me, So Far So Good
After the Watershed (Early Learning the Hard Way)
Sealed With a Glasgow Kiss
My Second to Last Will and Testament
A Prince in a Pauper's Grave
Lean On Me I Won't Fall Over
Billy's Smart Circus
The Taking of Peckham 123
Twenty Four Minutes from Tulse Hill
Midnight on the Murder Mile
An All American National Sport
Good Grief Charlie Brown
A Perfect Day to Drop the Bomb
Suppose You Gave a Funeral and Nobody Came
The Young Offender's Mum
Do Re Me So Far So Good
This Is How It Feels
The Only Living Boy in New Cross - 2012 Remaster
Crimestoppers A' Go Go
The Music That Nobody Likes
The Road To Domestos
Suicide Isn't Painless
And God Created Brixton
24 Minutes from Tulse Hill
Born on the 5th of November