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Albums by this artist:

Ailein Duinn
Eastern Reel
Servant To The Slave
Who Will Raise Their Voice?
Homer's Reel
I Will Set My Ship In Order
At Dawn of Day
Little Do They Know
Sort of Slides
The Sound of Sleat
To the Moon
Coisich a Ruin
The Boy Who
Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
The Old Crone (Port Na Caillich)
Nuair a Chi Thu Caileag Bhoidheach
Aiilein Duinn
A State of Yearning
Mile Marbshaisg (A Thousand Curses)
Ailein Duinn (Dark Alan)
Crime Of Passion
Claire in Heaven
Grace and Pride
Hoireann O
Gaelic Reels, The
The Tree
Muladach Mi Is Mi Air M'Aineol
Waiting For The Wheel To Turn
Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
Skye Waulking Song
Both Sides the Tweed
An Ribhinn Donn
Beautiful Wasteland
Dr. MacPhail's Reel
Fisherman's Dream
Nil Si I Ngra
The Whinney Hills Jigs
The Miracle Of Being
Heart Of The Highland
Four Stone Walls
Argyll Lassies
Alasolair Mhic Cholla Ghasda - Alasolair, Son Of Gallant Coll
Rob Roy Reels
Soraidh Bhuam Gu Barraidh
You Will Rise Again