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Albums by this artist:

Mummified in Bong Water
Disposal of the Baggy
Every Bud Smoken
Sentenced to Burn One
Addicted to Hash in a Tin
Fucked With Northern Lights
Blunted At Birth
Experiment in Horticulture
Gallery of Stupid High
Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
I Will Smoke You
Reefer Stashed Place
I Cum Bud
Force Fed Shitty Grass
Blame It On Bud
Dead By Bong
When Weed Replaces Life
Chapel of Bowls
Immortal Pipes
Lunatic of Pot's Creation
Blaze of Torment
Visions From the Dankside
Where the Kind Lives
Gateways to Inhalation
Sworn to the Bag
Baptized in Bud
Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Shit of Pot Seeds
Slave to the Chron
Skull Full of Bong Hits
The 420th Crusade
Zero Weed Tolerance
Sickening Photosynthesis
Chronic Breed
Weedless Ones
Individual Pot Patterns
Pull the Carb
In Dank Purity
Considered Dank
THC Crystal Mountain
Voice of the Bowl
With Their Hash He Will Create
Dawn of Weed Possession
From Wisdom to Baked
Medicinal Healing
Cylinders of Madness
Final Exhalation
Left Hand Pass