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Albums by this artist:

Oceans Of Regret
My Queen Of Winter
Elegantly Broken
More Than Friends
Into The Blue
Dawn Of Solace
I Will Build You A Rome
Stolen Waters
Morpheus In A Masquerade
Constellation Of Tears
Gather The Faithful
Thorn In My Side
A Night To Forget
The Best Of Times
Too Tired To Run
I Am Legion
On The Shore
Rising Sun
My Heart Beats For No One
Gather The Faithful (Instrumental)
Too Tire To Run
Tale Untold
My Heart Beats For Noone
Child Of The Wild (Bonus Track)
Tale Untold (Bonus Track)
Child Of The Wild
Tale Untold (japanese bonus track)
13th Disciple
I Will Build You a Rome (Official / Studio 2015 / Liimatainen Kotipelto Johansson)
13th Disciple (Unreleased)
More Than Friends.
My Hearts Beats for No One
Best of Times
Tale Untold [*]
Dawn of Solace SAMPLE
The Best Of Times (Demo)
Child Of The Wild (demo)
I Will Build You A Rome (demo)
Stormcrow (Official Audio)
Gather The Faithful(Instrumental)[Power Metal]
Tale Untold [bonus track]
I Am Legion (Instrumental)
Elegantly Broken (Instrumental Arrangement)
More Than Friends + Lyrics
07 - Thorn In My Side
Into the Blue + LYRICS -Thanks AlexanderLupu
Oceans of regret - FULL SONG
Gather The Faithful(Instrumental)