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All Over
Throw Shade
Kidnap Me
Go For It
Take That
Moving To Neptune
Don't Go Alone
Wild Babe
Get Out
The Fritz
Mind Eraser
Opening Up
Take That - Max Liese Remix
Go for It - Shallou Remix
All Over - Bear//Face Remix
All Over - Peter Thomas Remix
All Over - Bear Face Remix
All Over (Bear//Face Remix)
Go For It (Shallou Remix)
Throw Shade (Xander James Remix)
Throw Shade - Xander James Remix
CRUISR - Go For It
All Over (Bear Face Remix)
All Over (Peter Thomas Remix)
All Over (Bear // Face Remix)
CRUISR - All Over
CRUISR - Don't Go Alone
Moving to nep
All Over (Bear Face Remix)
CRUISR - All Over (Bear//Face Remix)
Take That (Max Liese Remix)
To California
CRUISR - Go For It (Shallou Remix)
CRUISR - Throw Shade
All Over (BEΛR//FVCE Remix)
CRUISR - Wild Babe
CRUISR - Kidnap Me
Home Turf
All Over (BearFace Remix)
Go For It [Audio]
CRUISR - Moving To Neptune
Cruisr All Over
All Of Me
CRUISR - The Fritz
A l l O v e r
All Over (feat. Bear Face)
Kidnap Me [Audio Stream]
CRUISR - Take That