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Albums by this artist:

Arrietty's Song
The Neglected Garden
Sho's Waltz
Goodbye My Friend
Tears in My Eyes
The Wild Waltz
With You
Le vent m'emporte
La fille damnée
Brian Boru
Valse des Ondines
C'hoant dimein
Arrietty's Song (English version)
Sweet Song
Precious Memories
I Will Never Forget You
Le long de l'eau
Suil a ruin
The House is in Silence
Sans faire un bruit
Arrietty's song - Instrumental Version
Arrietty's Song (Instrumental Version)
An Uneasy Feeling
Stor mo chroi
Red rose
En la mar
A Different World
Le bal des chats
Three ravens
Dellum Down
Where Have You Been
Sho's Lament
She moved through the fair
Sho's Song (Instrumental Version)
Sho's Song
Arrietty's Song (Japanese version)
Our House Below
Painted veil
Vent frais
I see the great mountains
Entre ses bras
Raggle taggle Gypsy
The great Selkie
Valse des Ondines - 2006 version