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Albums by this artist:

Step Out
Wine Pon Di Edge
These Are The Days
Unknown Number
One More Night
Hey Girl
Tic Toc
Missing You
Born And Grow
Not Going Down
Sweet Love (Night Shift)
Lu Lu Lu
Bedroom Bully
Man A Thug
Power Cut
Come Over [Missing You]
Knocking At Your Door
Stay So
Reggae Music Again
Come Over (Missing You)
People So Evil
Nuh Man
Badman Place
Da Style Deh
Got To Tell You
Cool Baby
Spliff Tail
Set Up
Praise & Worship
Hi Grade
Modern Day Slavery
Busy Latino
Run Weh
Kingston Town
Fast, Fast, Fast, Fast
My World
Da Stylez Deh
Text Message
Kingston Town feat.Damian "Jr Gong" Marley - Remix
Pon Me
Hustle Hard
Royal Night
Hair Dresser Shop