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Albums by this artist:

Dracula With Glasses
Inner Station
Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom
Soundtrack to the Worst Movie Ever
Cardiff Giant
Washington Tube Steak
There Will Be Blood
Abril Los Ojos
180 Proof
Shooter McGavin
Don Knotts
Boston Tea-Bag Party
A Party To The Unsound Method
Spinner Dunn
Patient 957
The Great American Dream Machine
The Wolves Are Running
Rust | Future Primitive
You Will Move
Pentagons and Pentagrams
Arrival of Niburu
The Fish Under The Sea Dance
Drinking And Driving
Human Steamroller
Lizard-Skin Barbie
Human I Steamroller
Arrivial Of Niburu
When Corporations Rule Your Mom
Blowjob City
There Are Pictures of me on the Internet
Pentagons & Pentagrams
Interlude 1
Interlude 2
Hidden Track
Revelations 101
Interlude 3
[Hidden Track]