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Albums by this artist:

The Garotte
Spinning in Agony
Infested with Worms
Duke of Exeter
Slaves to the Pyre
Judas Cradle
Feast of Flesh
The Gridiron
From the Anatomical Deeps
Trial by Ordeal
The Red Theatre
Torches of Nero
Pressing to Plead
Tyburn Field
Burnt in Effigy
Blood of the Martyr
Lake of the Dead
Durance Vile
Cast into Torment
Gilles de Rais
Punishment Without Mercy
Flow of Maggots
Vivum Excoriari
Bronze Bowl
Methods of Execution
The Virgin of Nuremburg
The Virgin of Nuremberg
Lingering Existence
Unto de Fa
Raped in the back of a van (raped in the back of Chad's van)
From The Anatomical Deeps (Dead Infection Cover)
Burnt in Effegy
Raped In The Back Of Chad's Van
Lingering Exsistence
Auto De Fa
Raped In The Back Of Chad's Van (Last Days Of Humanity Cover)
The Garotte (Bonus)
From the Anatomical Deeps (Bonus)
Last Into Torment
Vingering Existence
Gingering Existence
Auto De Fe / Raped In The Back Of A Van
Auto De Fe
Form The Anatomica Deeps