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Albums by this artist:

First Day of My Life
We Are Nowhere and It's Now
At the Bottom of Everything
Lover I Don't Have to Love
Road to Joy
Four Winds
Poison Oak
Another Travelin' Song
Train Under Water
Bowl of Oranges
Land Locked Blues
Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)
Hot Knives
Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
Something Vague
If the Brakeman Turns My Way
Make a Plan to Love Me
Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
Method Acting
Gold Mine Gutted
Waste of Paint
No One Would Riot for Less
Classic Cars
Sunrise, Sunset
I Must Belong Somewhere
Nothing Gets Crossed Out
Cleanse Song
Soul Singer in a Session Band
From a Balance Beam
False Advertising
Coat Check Dream Song
Clairaudients (Kill or Be Killed)
Make War
Blue Christmas
Lime Tree
Hit the Switch
A Perfect Sonnet
Time Code
Ship in a Bottle
Don't Know When But a Day Is Gonna Come
Light Pollution
The Big Picture
The Movement of a Hand
Shell Games
The Center of the World
Laura Laurent