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Albums by this artist:

Take Care of Me
Give Me Your Love
Friend Tonight
Feel What I Feel
Be In Love
Follow It
All Around Us
Everything is new
Call It Love
I don't belong to you
I’m Sorry
He Knows
Last Time
4th Amendment
Farthest Shore
An Energy So Great
Alternate Realities
Forest Fire
By the Sea
Speak from Your Heart
The Summertime
I'm Sorry
Im Sorry
Winter Escaping
There Is A War (Cover)
Morning Light
This is how you are
Water ocean lake
Everything is New (live)
Say (live)
In a dream (live)
An Illusion (live)
Dark Forest Etude
I was lying
Briana Marela - Quit
There Is A War
There Is A War (Leonard Cohen Cover)
Wasting Time
Briana Marela
For Us