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Gimme Little Sign
Oogum Boogum Song
The Oogum Boogum Song
Me & You
Me And You
I Like The Way You Love Me
Baby You Got It
Oogum Boogum
I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up
I'm The One Who Knows
Take A Chance
Catch You On The Rebound
Lovey Dovey Kind Of Love
Great Big Bundle Of Love
Psychotic Reaction
Gimme a Little Sign
Where Were You
Two Time Loser
Can You Dig It
I Want Love
Cold And Free
Whoop Ot On Me
Best Thing I Ever Had
Touch Me Knot
A Little Bit of Love
Sad Little Songs
Good Night Baby
Runnin' Wild
Debt To Pay
Goodnight Baby
Come Here Girl
Take My Life
Distant Memories
Give me some kind of sign girl
Ooh La-Da-Dee
A Change Is Gonna Come
Floating Stages
Sad Little Songs (La Tee Ta)
Give It Up
Need You Girl
I'm Your Puppet
You're Everything I Need
Little Happy-Go-Lucky Girl
Better Believe It
sitting in the park
Sweet Molly Malone
Good Lovin'