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Albums by this artist:

Make It With You
Everything I Own
Guitar Man
The Guitar Man
Baby I'm-A Want You
Lost Without Your Love
It Don't Matter to Me
Sweet Surrender
Make It With You (LP Version)
Dismal Day
Look What You've Done
Let Your Love Go
Down on My Knees
She's the Only One
Baby I'm A Want You
Mother Freedom
The Last Time
London Bridge
Too Much Love
Set List
Fancy Dancer
He's a Good Lad
Any Way You Want Me
Friends and Lovers
Just Like Yesterday
Roadside Ravens
Alone Type
Hooked on You
I Would Give Everything I Own
Games of Magic
Take Comfort
Inhale, Exhale (Repeat)
Anyway You Want Me
Been Too Long on the Road
Nobody Like You
The Chosen One
Didn't Even Know Her Name
Dream Lady
Look at Me
Today's The First Day
Could I
Make It by Yourself
I Want You With Me