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Albums by this artist:

Only the Young
Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts
Hard Enough
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
Can't Deny My Love
Playing with Fire
Was It Something I Said?
Swallow It
On the Floor
Still Want You
I Can Change
Lonely Town
I Came Here to Get Over You
Right Behind You
The Clock Was Tickin'
Between Me and You
Dreams Come True
Diggin' Up the Heart
Never Get You Right
Untangled Love
The Way It's Always Been
Only The Young (DJ Lynnwood Radio Edit)
The Clock Was Tickin' - Bonus Track
Jacksonville - Bonus Track
Right Behind You - Bonus Track
I Came Here To Get Over You - Bonus Track
Can't Deny My Love - Goshfather & Jinco Remix
I Can Change - Kill Them With Colour Remix
On the Floor 2.0 (Bonus Track)
Got My Mind Set on You - Live
I Can Change - Michael Brun Remix
Mr. Brightside (made famous by The Killers)
On the Floor (2.0)
The Desired Effect
Btwn Me 'N U
Crossfire (Radio Edit)
Only The Young (Album Version)
Handle with Care - Live
Crossfire - Radio Edit
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Crossfire [Radio Edit]
Crossfire (Album Version)
Bette Davis Eyes
The Clock Was Tickin
Mr. Brightside (as made famous by The Killers)
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (Acoustic)
Jilted Lovers Broken Hearts