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Moons of Evening Star
Moth, Butterfly, and Torchbug
The Three Banners: Fanfare
Yearning for Moonshadow
Weapons Drawn
Omens in the Clouds
Dawn Gleams on Cyrodiil
Y’ffre in Every Leaf
Azura's Coast
Tides of the Abecean Sea
Lowering the Banners (Sundown)
Echoes of Aldmeris
Comrades in Arms
Vestige of Hope
Auridon Sunrise
Rubble and Smoke
North from Riften
Whispers of the Ancestors
The Towers Cast Long Shadows
Elegy for the Remans
Alas, the Dragon Shall Break
A Land of War and Poetry (feat. Jeremy Soule)
Sands of the Alik'r
They Did Not Die in Vain
Winged Twilight
Grazelands Dawn (feat. Jeremy Soule)
Imperial Legion
Horizons of Cyrodiil
Bruma Against the Jeralls
Tamriel Beleagured
The Legacy of Lorkhan
Oath of Malacath
Stendarr’s Mercy
Courage of Ordinary Mortals
Arkay Watches
Anequina Beckons
The Keep Has Fallen
Order of the Ancestor Moth
Soaring on Eagle’s Wings
Peril Upon the Sands
Onslaught at the Gates
Memories of Yokuda Lost
Ruins of the Ayleids
To Dance with Daedra
We Honor the Slain
Magnus Smiles on Suran
Ascadian Idyll
The Slopes of Sorrow
Vvardenfell Vista