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Albums by this artist:

More Than a Feeling
Peace Of Mind
Don't Look Back
Rock & Roll Band
Foreplay/Long Time
Hitch A Ride
Foreplay / Long Time
Something About You
Let Me Take You Home Tonight
Feelin' Satisfied
A Man I'll Never Be
Cool The Engines
Livin' For You
Higher Power
Tell Me
It's Easy
The Journey
We're Ready
Don't Be Afraid
Used To Bad News
Higher Power (Kalodner Edit)
Rock and Roll Band
A New World
My Destination
I Need Your Love
To Be A Man
The Star Spangled Banner/4th of July Reprise
I Think I Like It
Foreplay Long Time
Surrender To Me
Walk On
Rock n Roll Band
What's Your Name
Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
Walkin' At Night
We Can Make It
Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me) / Still In Love
Walk On (Some More)
The Launch
Foreplay - Long Time
I Had a Good Time
Heaven On Earth
The Launch A) Countdown B) Ignition C) Third Stage Separation
Feels Like The First Time
Corporate America