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Albums by this artist:

I See Demons
Weight Of The World
Cross Contamination
Irritating Spectre
Road Dogs From Hell
Research And Destroy
Death Of The Sun
May Your God Deny You
Total Control
Occult Machinery
Funeral Of Peace
Let Us Worship The Dead
Cult Of Dagon
God Of War
Serve The Adversary
The Darkest Age
Agents of Destruction
From Heaven
The Great Year
In Hatred and Misery
The Dawn of Industry
Christ Pathogen
Silent Through the Black Vortex
1st Overture
Dark Fantasy
2nd Overture
04 - Book Of Black Earth - Olden
Weight of World
Cross Contamination (New!)
05 - Book Of Black Earth - Silent Through The Black Vortex
Dawn Of The Industry
Road Dogs From Hell (New!)
God Of War [Blackened Death metal]
05 Agents Of Destruction
Silent Through The Black Vorte
06 In Hatred And Misery
Let Us Worsip The Dead
Silent Through the Black Vort
The Death of The Sun
Horoskopus - 01 - 2160
The Path Of The Moon God
Cold Testament, The - Research And Destroy (4:47)
In Hatred & Misery